From our photographer…..

One of the most common questions we get on social media is where our fantastic images have come from…..

We are incredibly lucky to have worked with photographer and filmmaker Hailey Bartholomew over the last five years, and she has travelled to many of the communities that we work with on a mission to capture the spirit of the people and the place.

The talented and inspiring Hailey recently spoke about us during an interview with “CHILD”. If you’d like to know more about what inspires her work and why she’s such a supporter of the ALNF, take a read here:

And because we’ll take any opportunity to show off  her images, here’s a sample of Hailey’s breathtaking work for the ALNF:



ALNF_groote099 ALNF_groote013 0R5A0010 0R5A7636 0R5A6687 ALNF_Kempsey_177


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