Adam Goodes chats with Studio 10 about closing the gap

Adam Goodes stopped by for a chat with Studio 10 this morning to talk about the work we are doing together with David Jones.

“I think what’s really important about what we’re doing is getting to these kids at such an early stage, preschool stage, and helping them with their numeracy and literacy; getting them to a point when they start primary school they are at the stage that everybody else is. The programs that we’re doing up in Taree…it’s fantastic to see these kids with confidence, being able to write their names, ask questions when they didn’t understand and just having fun. What ALNF are doing is actually upskilling the facilitators who are already working in these communities, giving them a Certificate IV in Early Language & Literacy, helping them help their own kids and future generations as well.”

Adam Goodes: “Right now Indigenous kids, before they get to primary school, are 3 times more likely┬áthan anyone in our community to fail the basic literacy and numeracy test. In 2017 that’s unacceptable. David Jones partnering with ALNF is a way that we’re able to support them on 300 Indigenous sites around Australia, touching over 10,000 children and helping them on their own journey of education through numeracy and literacy”.

Joe Hildebrand: “And their success rate is phenomenal – in some areas it’s 100% improvement. It’s just the bomb!”

Watch the chat here:–adam-goodes

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