Meet Alvina from Palm Island

We work with passionate and inspiring Indigenous educators across Australia.

Meet Alvina, just one of the incredible young women engaged in ALNF’s program on Palm Island in remote North Queensland.

Working closely with this community, we see each day the positive changes that are happening on the ground as a result of increased literacy and education.


Alvina completed our Cert IV Early Language and Literacy course with flying colours, and is absolutely determined to change the educational outcomes for all of the children on the Island. She is enthusiastic, confident and the children adore her!

And her work is having a huge impact. In our most recent evaluation, 100% of the children who participated in our program improved their foundational literacy skills, which are crucial to becoming a confident reader and for future success at school.

Alvina describes the transformation she’s witnessed in recent years… “when I walk into a classroom first thing in the morning, the kids are all there, ready to learn and excited.

“ALNF got me interested in teaching and I really love it! I’ve learnt how to really get through to the kids.

Alvina and Zali

Your donation to Wall of Hands allows us to empower women such as Alvina, who become the changemakers in their communities.


With your help, we can make literacy a reality for all Australian children.3

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