The Breakfast Library

Welcome to The Breakfast Library!

ALNF’s Breakfast Library is an innovative program that seeks to support children by supplying them with a regular, healthy breakfast to enhance health and wellbeing, whilst boosting literacy development by gifting each child with brand new and engaging book to collect and keep every week or fortnight.

Literacy is one of the most important indicators of future health, well-being, and prosperity. It is a vital component of this program which aims to set young people up for an effective day of learning whilst also creating vital opportunities for literacy and language learning in an informal setting. For many students coming from non-English speaking and other vulnerable backgrounds, this offers a wonderful opportunity to access new and inspiring reading material, to be read to and to engage with exciting, culturally sensitive literature outside of a formal classroom environment.

ALNF is committed to ensuring that the Breakfast Library also strengthens community ties. Where suitable, parents and community members are encouraged to attend the program to eat and read with their children.

We work closely with our partner schools to tailor the food and resources to meet the unique needs of their community. So far, we’ve already supported 830 children with a total of 72,000 healthy breakfast meals and more than 30,000 acclaimed books – and we’re only getting started.

We’d like to thank our major sponsor, BIG W, for making this program possible.