StoryKids + ALNF

StoryKids is an engaging and educational kids storytelling podcast, putting the spotlight on young voices across the nation. 

Using prominent actors, kids original stories are transformed into immersive audio storyscapes that inspire and delight children and families. Children also have the opportunity to discuss their creative inspiration and process. 

Selected authors and actors reflect different cultural, social and environmental experiences, and a strong focus is placed on amplifying diverse narratives. 

We’re committed to using this platform to inform, educate and entertain families from all backgrounds and across all contexts, as well as fostering a modern and rich language learning experience.

Listen to the magical adventures written by talented Aussie kids  here or  here




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The Feedback So Far

‘What a beautiful project for celebrating and honouring the creative lives of children…’

Ursula Dubosarsky - Australian Children’s Laureate for 2020-2021

'What a fabulous way to keep the kids entertained without a screen! It is so lovely to listen to the creative stories that kids have written and to know that maybe one day my daughter could submit a story and have her words come to life! Well done StoryKids.'

'Fantastic podcast! The story entertained my 6 y.o and spurred excited discussion about "where to" for other stories for my 10 y.o too! Great to hear the young authors discussing their ideas also.'

StoryKids Submissions