Literacy is Freedom

Who we are

The Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation (ALNF) is a national charity assisting people in our most marginalised communities to gain vital language, literacy and communication skills. ALNF’s specialised and innovative programs address the needs of a diverse range of individuals and communities – specifically supporting First Nations, refugee and other vulnerable Australians.

Key Programs

Make A Difference

Your gift can help make a real difference for individuals, families and communities

  • $10 Provides a child in a disadvantaged community with a brand new, specially selected children’s book.
  • $100 Provides a child with a Literacy Pack filled with quality school supplies and learning resources.
  • $150 Assists in training an Indigenous community member to enhance children's literacy development.
  • $240 Provides a vulnerable preschool child with the literacy and learning support necessary to start school ready to learn and grow.
  • $5 $5 a month for a year will provide vital learning materials for a child in a remote community.
  • $10 $10 a month for a year will provide a child with a Literacy Pack filled with educational resources and a number of brand new, specially selected books.
  • $20 $20 a month for a year will provide a preschool student with learning support to successfully transition to school.

How You Can Help


Community Fundraising gives our supporters the opportunity to use their imagination, creativity and motivation to hold their own fundraising events or activities, and thus become community partners in our work. Learn More


We believe all Australians have the right to literacy, because being able to read and write is the key to accessing education and employment, and to participating fully in society. We would not be able to complete our work without the generosity of people like you. Learn More


We truly value our volunteers and there are a variety of different ways that individuals can help. If you would like to volunteer your time and/or expertise we'd love to hear from you. Learn More

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