A Unique Fundraising Mission!

ALNF supporter Alex Parkes is undertaking a fundraising journey throughout 2019 to shine a light on the importance of First Language preservation and revitalisation.

A student of Linguistics and French Studies at the University of Newcastle, Alex is passionate about literacy, multilingualism and the devastating loss of languages around the world. This year, the UN International Year of Indigenous Languages, he has set himself a challenge to start a conversation- carrying a book in his hand or pocket at all times to raise awareness of the importance of language and literacy to self-identity, culture and confidence. 

Alex says: “I truly believe that great things happen when people do things that they don’t have to do, and I wanted to do something great. JK Rowling didn’t have to write Harry Potter, and Rodgers and Hammerstein didn’t have to create The Sound of Music, but they did, and the culture of the world was enriched. I want to do the same, and more importantly I want to do it for the many Indigenous nations in Australia that deserve it. For me this is a passion but also a responsibility and a duty.”

Every dollar raised by Alex will go towards our First Language work, which empowers communities to become their own change-makers, teachers and language experts.

We are grateful to Alex for his support, and his genuine passion for First Language. Sponsor Alex on his journey at https://www.gofundme.com/languagepreservation, follow him on Twitter and Instagram using @monsieurparkes or if you see him around, stop and ask about his book!

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