Workplace Giving

An Opportunity To Get Involved

Workplace Giving allows employees to donate to ALNF regularly through their employer’s payroll system. These donations are made from the employee’s pre-tax salary. Speak to your organisation about how you can nominate a portion of your pay to ALNF and help us make a difference on a monthly basis. Contact us for more information.

From Our Supporters

"The work and delivery of the programs and materials provided by the Wall of Hands Appeal and the ALNF, address the real needs of Indigenous Australians and communities that may be marginalised and excluded from mainstream educational support.

The life skills that these programs create are carried by the individual forever, providing hope, opportunity and strength with benefits flowing through to local communities and the Australian way of life as a whole."

Jon Luff, CEO Border Express, and Pro Bono Partner

"CAGES Foundation began supporting ALNF in the Macleay Valley region in 2011. ALNF had built an extremely valuable and trusted relationship with the community and through this relationship were able to build the capacity of people and organisations, visibly empowering local community. In the five years we have supported ALNF we have been delighted to see teachers embedding literacy across all activities, children going to school with the pre-literacy requirements they need and parents who understand and can articulate what they want for their children.”

Rachel Kerry, Chief Executive Officer, CAGES Foundation

"I struggled at school, which affected my childhood, and ultimately, my confidence. I feared my teacher asking me to read out loud in class, which is why I feel so strongly about the important work the ALNF do as the first independent charity dedicated to raising national language, literacy and numeracy standards."

Cosentino, The Grand Illusionist