ALNF ambassador Cosentino brings magic to the jungle

Illusionist and escapologist Cosentino has made ALNF proud throughout his journey on the hit TV show ‘I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!’.

A fierce advocate for education, Cos left the jungle having won the hearts of many Australians and raised incredible awareness about the work we do here at ALNF.

“Their tag is that Literacy is Freedom. As a kid who grew up and couldn’t read at 12 years old, I personally know what that feels like,” he shared in an exit interview.

Image via Instagram @thecosentino

“[ALNF] put these programs together to help people read, write and spell. It’s something we take for granted when really, we shouldn’t.”

Cosentino rose to fame on the 2011 season of ‘Australia’s Got Talent’ where he wowed audiences with grand magic tricks and pulled off nail-biting stunts on live TV.

But his lifelong obsession with illusion started when he was only a child. In fact, it was magic that taught him to read – in the form of a book about magicians.

“To learn the trick, you really had to analyse each word because it would tell you what to do: put your pinky here, put your right index finger here,” Cos said.

Image via Channel 10

“That physical application [of magic] allowed me to read. It really built my confidence.”

Here at ALNF, we have been humbled by the outpouring of support and donations from the public. Cos has succeeded in shining a light on how debilitating it can be to lack basic literacy and numeracy skills, and we look forward to continuing our work across Australia to support disadvantaged children in their learning.

“I have seen first-hand the incredible work undertaken by ALNF, the achievements they are making right across the country and the life changing impact they are having on many, many lives,” Cos said.

“Everyone should have access to quality educational programs, no matter what their economic or geographical situations may be. I am honoured to be an ambassador for ALNF.”

You can watch Cosentino’s journey in the jungle (or relive some of your favourite moments) on 10play.

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