An Alphabet, with a Difference!

What do you get when you combine the skill sets of two creatives who are passionate about literacy and education?

You get the ‘Alphabet, with a Difference’ project!

This incredible and out-of-the-box idea is a collaboration between Perth-based copywriter/editor, Jeanette Muscat, and Brisbane-based illustrator/graphic designer, Celeste Fishburn, aimed at supporting ALNF and its life-changing literacy programs.

The ‘Alphabet, with a Difference’ is not your average alphabet poster, deliberately including a diverse range of words to cater for all learning levels and ages, as well as descriptions and illustrations aimed at evoking conversations around language, culture and emotions with your little one: Aboriginal culture, Dreaming stories, adventures, helping others, and using your imagination – just to name a few!

To top it off, each poster has been especially designed to resonate with kids and families from remote communities and migrant families, who may be learning about Aussie language and culture for the first time.

Whilst the project’s educational benefits are overwhelming, the impact is two-fold, with the money raised from sales directly assisting ALNF to implement and sustain effective literacy programs in Indigenous, marginalised and refugee communities, right across the country.

As Jeanette Muscat, half of the genius duo behind the initiative, explains: “We chose to support ALNF because its tagline, ‘literacy is freedom’, truly resonated with us. The thought of not being able to read or write, and the challenges you face without having those skills as a fundamental part of day-to-day life is overwhelming. As English-speakers, we might sometimes experience the ‘privilege’ of struggling to communicate if we’re in a non-English-speaking country on holidays, but not in day-to-day life.”

Be sure to grab a poster here and make a difference, one letter at a time!

You can also check out Alphabet, with a Difference on Instagram, and learn more about the incredible work of the two great minds behind the project here: and



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