ALNF stands as an ally to Know Your Country

On 17 June 2021, “Know Your Country”, a nationwide, First Nations led campaign was launched calling for structural reforms of the Education system to close the knowledge gap about First Nations history and culture at school.

As an ally of the campaign, ALNF stands together with convenor World Vision Australia, as well as the campaign’s First Nations Led organisations, and other allies including ANTaR and Amnesty International.

The Know Your Country campaign aims to address the lack of involvement by local First Nations communities in delivering authentic and locally relevant curriculum content, by creating safe spaces for First Nations communities to represent their own histories and cultures.

It calls on political parties at all tiers of Government to commit to funding First Nations cultural educators in every primary school, inspired by a vision for all children to be able to access the wisdom of the world’s oldest continuous culture.

With 7 out of 10 Australians agreeing that education is the key to reducing racism, there has never been a more crucial moment for these proposed changes to our Education system to take effect, transforming how Australians understand each other and promoting a shared understanding of First Nations cultures.

ALNF’s Co-Chair, Professor Tom Calma AO, believes in the campaign’s potential to shape emerging Australian leaders. A member of the Know Your Country First Nations Advisor Panel. Professor Calma said, “All children will benefit from knowing about the people and their culture of the country where they go to school. First Nations Cultural Educators will provide educational, health and wellbeing benefits that will shape these still emerging leaders.”

Campaign lead, World Vision’s First Nations Policy Advisor and Wiradjuri man, Dr Scott Winch, said “The next step towards Reconciliation starts at school. A shared understanding of our past, including the diversity of Australian culture, will build a stronger Australia.”

To learn more about the Know Your Country campaign, please visit the website.

Join us and take action to close the knowledge gap about First Nations people and cultures:

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Acknowledgement: The Know Your Country logo by Rachael Sarra

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