ALNF x Thirriwirri: empowering First Nations communities

ALNF is excited to announce our new partnership with Thirriwirri, a First Nations-owned venture, rooted in decades of extensive experience in First Nations affairs.

“Thirriwirri” is the Muktung (Maneroo) word for Ironbark- tough, textured and enduring, with deep roots in Country and culture.

It is a fitting representation of the approach and commitment of the Thirriwirri organisation to serve and amplify the voice of our First Nations communities.

With a shared focus on strengthening the capacity and confidence of First Nations communities around the country, this new partnership will elevate the collective missions of ALNF and Thirriwirri to achieve tangible and long-term improvements in the social and economic wellbeing of First Nations peoples, and empower them to be their own change-makers.

To learn more about Thirriwirri, please visit their website.



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