ALNF wins again at World Summit Awards

ALNF is excited to announce that our ground-breaking Early Language & Literacy Development Index (ELLDI) has been selected as Winner at the 2023 World Summit Awards!

Representing Australian innovation and technology on the global stage, the ELLDI was selected out of 466 nominees from over 100 UN member states, winning in the category of “Learning & Education”.

The ELLDI is a world-first and highly accessible digital platform that assesses and nurtures the capabilities of children between 2 and 8 years, unlocking every child’s learning potential and contributing to systemic educational change – a testament to what’s possible when technology meets purpose.

Setting children up for educational success is critically linked to their access to meaningful learning and development opportunities in the early years. Yet, 1 in 5 Australian children start school developmentally vulnerable, with that figure jumping to 2 in 5 if they do not go to preschool. Children who start behind, often stay behind, with those from First Nations, remote regions, low socio-economic and other marginalised communities particularly vulnerable. This technology addresses crucial gaps in the early years space, empowers educators and community members with meaningful and evidence-informed insights and strategies to catch children before they fall behind, and promotes an education system that supports all children.

The award recognises ALNF’s innovative use of technology to help solve the critical literacy challenges currently facing Australia’s education system. ELLDI was chosen for being an example of a “digital impact solution and creative innovation [that can] decisively support societal challenges”. Receiving this international recognition is a win for placing early years’ education at the forefront of national efforts to address educational inequality in Australia, with the potential for this technology to impact education systems across the globe.

“ELLDI stands as a beacon of innovation, addressing the critical early learning gaps that affect our most vulnerable populations. By empowering educators, parents, and carers with evidence-based strategies and insights into children’s early language and literacy development, ELLDI not only aligns with the UN SDG of Quality Education but also advocates the right of every child to receive a fair educational start. Witnessing ELLDI’s journey from nomination to becoming a winner at the World Summit Awards fills me with immense pride. Their success is a testament to the potential of technology to endorse systemic change and underscores Australia’s leadership in tech innovation and education on the global stage. Congratulations to the Australian Literacy & Numeracy Foundation for this well-deserved recognition; your work exemplifies the profound impact that purpose-driven innovation can have on society.” Sachi Wickramage, Board Director for WSA Global and National Expert for WSA Australia states.

This win marks the latest international award to recognise the impact of ALNF’s technology-based models for literacy and education. ALNF’s innovations have previously won at the prestigious Edison Awards, the MIT Solve Challenge, as well as being a previous winner at the South by Southwest (SXSW) Innovation Awards in Austin Texas, and the 2020 World Summit Awards in Vienna.

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