Congratulations Nara and Anastasia!

Congratulations to Nara and Anastasia from Mimili Anangu School, who recently completed 4 competencies towards ALNF’s Early Language and Literacy Certificate IV course. These competencies allowed them to receive sufficient SACE credits to complete the requirements for Year 12 in South Australia.

Both girls have now applied to be Teacher’s Aides at the school in 2016. They are able to use the Early Language & Literacy strategies and resources in both of their first languages and English, which will be of enormous benefit to the young children entering school.

The majority of students at Mimili are Anangu and their first languages are Pitjantjatjara or Yankunytjatjara, as these are usually the languages spoken at home. The students are only formally introduced to English when they start school.

The Mimili community and the ALNF training staff are extremely proud of Nara’s and Anastasia’s achievement. Both girls have requested to be able continue to work towards the completion of their Certificate IV in EL&L next year.

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