Refugee Action Support Success

The Refugee Action Support (RAS) program aims to support the development of English language, literacy, numeracy and culture among newly arrived children and young people from refugee backgrounds. Mi Kai Lagwi is a RAS participant who attended Wagga Wagga High School after arriving in Australia in March 2012 on a Humanitarian Visa from Burma via Malaysia. She was enrolled in Year 11 and studied for her HSC through the Pathways program. She completed her HSC in 2014.

Mi Kai worked with great perseverance with her tutors to achieve her goal of studying Social Work at university so that she can one day help people like her, and fight against injustices. She is an inspiring individual who makes the most of opportunities made available to her, and exemplifies strength and determination.

“On my first day at school in 2012, I remember that I met my first RAS tutor. It would have been very difficult for me if I had not had the help from my RAS tutors. Sometimes we share about our different background stories and different experiences. Sharing these has helped me learn new things and made me understand more about Australia. If I was stressed, they shared my stress and they helped resolve those stresses. I love to have RAS tutors because they are very helpful and lovely.” Mi Kai Lagwi, Year 12 student at Wagga Wagga High School

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